Application for a donation

Oughtibridge Gala Events and Donations Charity is proud to support our community by donating funds to charitable community groups, projects and services in our local area.


Whist the CoronaVirus pandemic has meant cancelling both our 2020 events, we feel that we can still offer support to local charitable groups this year. In particular, we hope to be able to assist charitable causes who may have been badly affected by the impact of restrictions imposed to combat the spread of Covid 19, or have been specifically helping those in need during the crisis.


We now invite applications for donations for our community's benefit. The deadline for applications is 31st July 2020, with successful applicants receiving donations during September.


By applying for a donation from Oughtibridge Gala Events and Donations Charity you are agreeing to spend any monies received on the purpose specified on the application, and agree to send evidence, such as copies of receipt. You also confirm that the money will be used for charitable purposes according to the law of England and Wales.  If you are sucessful you will be required to sign that you have read and agree to these terms before receipt of your donation.

If you have failed to provide us with evidence of spending previous donations, we will be unable to award you another donation.


To help us decide how to allocate donations, please fill in the form blow, giving as much information about howt the money will be spent, and how it will benefit the residents of Oughtibridge. 

 Thank you,

Oughtibridge Gala Committee

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Registered charity number. OR brief description of organisation's charitable purpose. (Definitions of charitable purposes can be found on the charity commission website) *
Amount are you requesting. (Note - we may donate an amount up to the total requested.) *
On what will the donation be spent? *
When will the money be used by? *
Who and how many people will benefit from the money and what will it achieve? *
How do you/your group/your organisation support or intend to support Oughtibridge Gala?
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