Oughtibridge Gala

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The aim of the Gala is to promote the village spirit by providing a great day out for all the people of Oughtibridge and by raising monies for local good causes and charities.


The Gala is organised by the Gala Committee, which is a non-profit making group, governed by committee constitution with accounts that are independently audited each year. The Committee consists of non-paid volunteers, most of whom have full-time jobs, and has been successful in securing charity status in 2015.


The Oughtibridge Village Gala has been held successfully in Coronation Park for over 30 years and is organised by the Gala Committee in close collaboration with Bradfield Parish Council.

Where does the money go?

Oughtibridge Gala is run by Oughtibridge Gala Events and Donations Charity, which is a registered charity.  We are a CIO, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and report to the Charity Commission.

Our aim is to raise money for local charitable causes by organising community events.  The majority of money raised goes straight back into the community's various projects, clubs, groups and good causes such as:

  • Supporters of Oughtibridge School
  • Oughtibridge Brass Band
  • Oughtibridge Junior Brass Band
  • Rainbows
  • BrowniesOG13 084 IMG_1972.jpg
  • Beavers
  • Guides
  • Oughtibridge and District Luncheon Club

Every year we do keep enough money back to fund the following year's Gala for outlays such as: 

  • Entertainment fees
  • Entertainment licence 
  • Stall expenses
  • Prizes
  • Insurance
  • Advertising and many other minor outlays

All these things add up to over £5000.

One thing that you do need to bare in mind is that money is no replacement for the huge time and effort put in by the Gala Committee members and the Gala will only last as long as there is support from you. So, please come to one of our meetings and help keep your tradition alive!


Donations Evening and Committee Meetings

Every year we hold a donations evening (usually in October) which anyone can attend, where we give out the money raised from that years' gala.

The Gala Committee meetings are held approximately once a month from October onwards in order to organise the next year's Gala.  We usually hold our AGM in February, where we elect our Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.