2017 Competitions 

Adult Baking

Lemon Drizzle Loaf – The second year to test your skills at this tangy baking classic. A 1lb loaf tin should be used with the classic crunchy sugar toping (no icing).


Lemon Drizzle Gluten Free – As above but please bake in a 8-10” tin.


Vegetable Cake – Bake any cake you like as long as it includes a vegetable as one of its ingredients. So if you think your carrot cake is hopping good, or your beetroot chocolate cake is unbeetable, bring it down for us to try.


Men Only – Flapjack – Put together your best oats and syrup recipe and let us see if we think it’s out of this world. (no more than 6 slices)


Children’s Baking

Wicked Fairy cakes – Whether they have a wicked design or a wicked taste, bake 4 fairy cakes with your choice of flavour and design.(Infants up to 7) (Juniors 8-11)



My Village – Whether it be a glorious sunset over the war memorial, or a feast of frozen fun in Coronation Park, bring your photos and show how magical our environment can be. No larger than 5”x7” and unframed. One photo per entrant (all ages)


Arts & Crafts

Dream Catcher – dream up a magical design and show us your creative side. (Infants up to 7) (juniors 8-11) (Seniors 11-111)


Junior Hocus Pocus – think up your own weird and wonderful magic potion. Tell us your recipe and explain what magical affect it will have. Then illustrate it with as much magic as you can conjure up. (Infants up to 7) (Juniors 8-11)


Green Fingers

Best single rose –  pick your prettiest and most pungent, and bring it down for judging. One rose per entrant please. (All ages)

Elf Garden – A tiny garden fit for your favourite magical elf. Think fairy rings, toad stools and miniature gnomes. (Infants up to 7) (juniors 8-11) (Seniors 11-11)


******  ENTER AND BE PART OF IT  ******


2016 Competition Results:

Competition and Category Third place Second place First Place
Best single Rose Felicity Hall Anne Ward Tom Holmes
Beachcomber Floral arrangement       
Children (inf-7)   Chloe Ashe Lily-Rose Ogden
Juniors   Maddie Berry Esther Pearson
Adults Kate Ashe Anne Ward Zoe Riordan
Oughtibridge on Sea postcard (inf-7) Zoe Barnes Violet Berry Brooke Wild
Oughtibridge on Sea (juniors)     Fletcher Wild
Beach Bricky (inf-7)     Zoe Barnes
Beach bricky (8-11)   Cameron Barnes Peter Riordan
Baking- Lemon drizzle loaf Dennis Douglas Miriam Cates Sheila Parkinson
Baking-gluten-free Lemon drizzle cake     Katie Jackson
Ice Cream flavour cupcakes   Libby Morley Helen Barnes
Men’s Cheesecake     Neil Roberts
Children’s baking-Shortbread Sea biscuits (inf - 7) Ewan Barnes Ana Cates Chloe Ashe
Children’s baking- Shortbread sea biscuits (8-11) Lily Wood Carys Lewis Cameron Barnes
Photography- Holiday Fun (all ages) Ellie Lewis Denise Robinson Julie Haylock