Gala Competition Entries 

Please bring your entries to the Competitions Marquee

between 9:30 am and 10:30am on Gala day.

Good Luck!!


Wild West Gala Competitions 2018

Baking- all ages

All entries need to be presented on a paper plate

Rocky Road- 4 slices of your favourite recipe. Yee haw!
'Carat' cake- bake in a one pound loaf tin- no icing please!
'Carat' cake (gluten free)- as above but bake in

                       a 8-10 inch round tin please.
Men only- Rock Buns- whip up your best boulders

                         full of tasty fruit nuggets.

                       4 on a paper plate please.
Kids' baking
Wagon Wheel shortbread biscuits- (pinwheel biscuits)

                      any flavour but must be two-tone.
                    Only wheely tasty ones will win!
                    (4 on a paper plate please)
Infants (up to year 2) Juniors (years 3-6)


'Country Life' no larger than 5x7 (unframed)
                             one photo per entrant- all ages
Arts and Crafts
All ages- Craft a Cactus- knit, sew, crochet or felt a 3D cactus

                                  and present it in a pot.

Children- Wanted Poster- put yourself in the picture 

                                          by creating a selfie in our poster

                                          template- no photos please
                                      Infants (up to y2) and Juniors (y3-6)
Pre-school Customised Cowboy Shirt-
                                  Use our shirt template
                                  Print out in A3 if possible

                                  Decorate, cut out and back with card.

                                            Name on the back please.
Green Fingers

Best Single Rose - best rose wins.
                          One per entrant please. All ages.

Prickly Planter - all ages- (adult and children's categories)

                        plant up a desert delight with rocks,

                        alpines, succulents etc.

Fill Yer Boots - all ages- (adult and children's categories)

                                 Make a boot 'bootiful' by planting it up. 

Cowboy Shirt Template 

Wanted Poster Template